Sabana Estadio (Stadium)

I wanted to document one of my favorite buses – Sabana Estadio (SE).  SE is my “go to” bus for getting around San Jose.  The bus continuously circulate from Sabana Park to the middle of town (National Theater) .  Once you get to the middle of San Jose, you can sightsee, take in a show at the National Theater, have lunch, enjoy a Museum Walk, a Historic Architecture Tour, or a Art Galleries Walk

Sabana Sur

Here is what the bus looks like.  There is a companion bus (Cementerio) that looks similar but takes a different path which I hope to document soon.

2016-02-17 11.05.35

The cost is c185 ($0.35) .  That is a deal.  Again, the bus just circulates around town so you can get on anywhere and get off any where along the route.

2016-03-02 09.00.01

The long distance buses coming into San Jose typically pass by he west side of Sabana Park on the way to their SJ terminal.  Some bus company terminals are all over the map literally and the challenge is to get from where they terminate to the center of town.  Depending on where your long distance bus terminates in San Jose, many people may want to  catch Sabana Estadio into town instead of walking or catching a cab from the bus terminal.  The secret is to get off the long distance bus early on the west side of Sabana Park and catch the Sabana Estadio bus the rest of the way.  I am guessing folks coming in from Heredia or Alajuela which terminates at   Parque Braulio Carrillo (known as Parque de La Merced) area might want to take this bus east to Sabana park or the Stadium.

Sabana Sur


Transcesa S.A. , who owns this route, does not seem to have any online resources beyond a Facebook page which has not been updated since 2012 and a random Youtube.

Here is a picture of the buses web

Here are some trips I am planning List of Trips to Take

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