Bus Stations and Stops

One thing about Costa Rica is the diversity of plant and animal life , terrain and even bus stops.  In typical Tico fashion, they install exactly what is necessary and no more.  So you won’t see solar powered stops with benched dotting the country.

Below is the smallest and simplest stop I have encountered which is just a yellow stripe on the road.  Sometimes it is only on one side.  Fortunately, over time, tribal knowledge takes over and people tell people and everyone knows where to stand.

2015-09-25 10.55.30 2015-09-25 10.55.58

Some stops are easy to recognize and offer shelter from the rain like my stop below on the left to get to town.  The stop below on the right is the return stop to get from town home which has no bench or shelter and one needs to keep an eye open for pigeons overhead.

10845904_10204795683305250_1891288466212619794_n 10685381_10204698252869550_4614992666950102925_n

Most towns have bus stop like the one below (Liberia) which is open air and also serves as a market place.  As you see, there are plenty of seating and overhang to protect you from the rain.

Screenshot 2015-08-06 14.47.11

On the large size are station like the new $10M station in San jose which I understand has multiple floor and shops.


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