Palmares, Alajuela

Getting to Palmares

Here is a map with all the destinations the buses in Palmares go.

Google Maps link to map below


There is one bus station and two bus stops.  The main station is modern and clean and is where the local buses leave from.  Across the street from the main bus station is the bus stop where the bus to Atenas departs.  Finally, on the west side of Palmares is where the local traveling to Buenos Aires departs.


Bus routes in Palmares (linked to schedules)

Palmares – San Ramon

San Jose – Palmares Autotransportes

Palmares – San Jose Autotransportes

Cocaleca – Palmares

Palmares – Esquipulas

Esquipulas – Palmares

Palmares – La Granja

La Granja – Palmares

Alajuela – Palmares

Athens – Palmares

San Ramon – Palmares

Palmares – Santiago

Palmares – Athens

Naranjo – Palmares

Santiago – Palmares

Palmares – Naranjo

Palmares – Cocoleca

Palmares – Hacienda Los Pinos

Hacienda Los Pinos – Palmares

Palmares – Calle Vargas

Vargas street – Palmares

Palmares – Calle Ramirez

Ramirez Street – Palmares

Palmares – Rincón de Zaragoza – Quebradas

Rincón de Zaragoza – Quebradas – Palmares

San Jose – Palmares Transp Palmareños

Palmares – San Jose Transp Palmareños

San Ramon – Naranjo

Naranjo – San Ramon

Photos of Palmares

IMG_1757 IMG_1756 IMG_1753 IMG_1752 IMG_1751 IMG_1750 IMG_1749 IMG_1748 IMG_1747 IMG_1746 IMG_1745 IMG_1744 IMG_1743 IMG_1742 IMG_1738 IMG_1737 IMG_1736 IMG_1735 IMG_1734 IMG_1733 IMG_1732 IMG_1731 IMG_1730 IMG_1729 IMG_1728 IMG_1727 IMG_1726 IMG_1725 IMG_1724 IMG_1723 IMG_1722 IMG_1721 IMG_1720 IMG_1719 IMG_1718 IMG_1717 IMG_1716 IMG_1715 IMG_1714 IMG_1713 IMG_1712 IMG_1711 IMG_1710 IMG_1709 IMG_1708 IMG_1707

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